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Migratory Neurogenesis
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Selected Exhibitions
The Writing on the Wall
Migratory Neurogenesis
Biomorphic Automata
Synaptic Katharthis

Other Work
Migratory Neurogenesis 2001
Curator: Tobias Berger
On-site painting installation at the
Old Publishing House, Vilnius, Lithuania

I intend my work to be an active, intense field reflecting the human condition. My interest is in a travelling body of cultural spaces that occur in the mind of an immigrant. An immigrant experiences interactive moves and exchanges between one's origin and the alien culture and there is a confusion in identifying one's self with them - it is the constant sense of dreamlike delusion. The desire for the home is exemplified in the nostalgia evidenced in my work. I am a citizen of an "in-between universe" experiencing two physical and mental environments at once (Eastern Europe and America): my past in the homeland and my present in time as an immigrant (alien). I position myself within this in-between as an astronaut who is physically and psychologically in a state of travelling and experiencing both the distance and proximity of time. My work is not a representation of a particular narrative or subject but rather the notion of displacement. Pushing the concept of a scattered sense of time by de-centring the physical elements, I produce a space which is translucent, so as to express a dreamlike quality of space/time. I intend my work to remain as a solid entity - a complex system - the system of creation and destruction, a record of a momentum in presentation and erasure. I want to present evidence of the fragility of the micro/macro universe, the fragility of life.